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How Robinson was created

How Robinson was created. A humorous story. 1932 year. Ilya Ilf, Yevgeny Petrov
How Robinson was created. A humorous story. 1932 year. Ilya Ilf, Yevgeny Petrov
In the edition of the illustrated two-story "Adventure" there was a shortage of works of art that could attract the attention of the youth reader.

There were some works, but it's not that. There was too much slavery in them. To tell the truth, they overshadowed the soul of the youth reader, did not rivet. And the editor wanted to chink.

In the end, decided to order a novel with a sequel.

The editorial runner rushed off with a summons to the writer Moldavantsev, and the next day Moldovantsev sat on the merchant's sofa in the editor's office.

- You understand, - the editor explained, - it must be entertaining, fresh, full of interesting adventures. In general, it should be the Soviet Robinson Crusoe. So that the reader could not tear himself away.

- Robinson - it's possible, - the writer said briefly.

- Not easy Robinson, but the Soviet Robinson.

- What else! Not Romanian!

The writer was uncommunicative. It was immediately evident that this was a man of business.

And indeed, the novel was ripe to the agreed date. Moldovantsev did not deviate too much from the great original. Robinson is so Robinson.

The Soviet youth is shipwrecked. The wave carries him to an uninhabited island. He is alone, defenseless, in the face of mighty nature. He is surrounded by dangers: animals, lianas, the coming rainy period. But the Soviet Robinson, full of energy, overcomes all obstacles that seemed insurmountable. And three years later the Soviet expedition finds it, finds it in its prime. He defeated nature, built a house, surrounded him with a green ring of vegetable gardens, bred rabbits, sewed a sweatshirt from monkey's tails and taught the parrot to wake itself up in the morning with the words: "Attention! Drop the blanket, drop the blanket! We begin morning gymnastics!"

- Very good - the editor said, - But it's just great about rabbits. Quite timely. But, you know, I do not quite understand the main idea of the work.

- The struggle of man with nature, - Moldaviantsev said with usual brevity.

- Yes, but there is nothing Soviet.

- And the parrot? After all, he replaces my radio. Experienced transmitter.

- A parrot is good. And the ring of vegetable gardens is good. But the Soviet public does not feel it. Where, for example, a place? The leadership role of the trade union?

Moldovantsev suddenly became agitated. As soon as he felt that the novel could not be taken, his taciturnity disappeared. He became eloquent.

- Where is the local? Is not the island uninhabited?

- Yes, absolutely true, uninhabited. But the place must be. I'm not an artist of the word, but in your place I would introduce. As a Soviet element.

- But the whole plot is built on the fact that the island is uninhabited ...

Then Moldavantsev accidentally looked into the editor's eyes and hesitated. The eyes were so spring, so there was a March emptiness and blueness, that he decided to compromise.

- But you are right, - he said, raising his finger. - Of course. How could I not have realized that right away? Two people are rescued from the shipwreck: our Robinson and the chairman of the local committee.

- And two more released members, - the editor said coldly.

- Oh! - squealed the Moldavantsev.

- Nothing's ow. Two released, well, and one activist, collector of membership fees.

- Why else is the picker? Who will she collect membership dues from?

- At Robinson's.

- Robinson can be paid by the chairman. Nothing will come of it.

- Here you are mistaken, Comrade Moldavantsev. This is absolutely unacceptable. The chairman of the local committee should not be exchanged for trifles and run to collect contributions. We are struggling with this. He must engage in serious leadership work.

- Then you can and picker, - obeyed Moldavantsev. - It's even good. She will marry the chairman or the same Robinson. All the same it will be more fun to read.

- It's not worth it. Do not slide into the boulevard, into an unhealthy eroticism. Let her collect her membership dues and store them in a fireproof cupboard.

Moldovantsev fidgeted on the couch.

- Allow, the fireproof cupboard can not be on a desert island!

The editor became thoughtful.

- Wait, stand, - he said, - you have a wonderful place there in the first chapter. Together with Robinson and members of the local committee, the wave throws different things ashore ...

- An ax, a carbine, a busol, a barrel of rum and a bottle with an antiscorbutic agent, - the writer solemnly enumerated.

- Rum out, - the editor said quickly, - and then, what kind of bottle is there with an antiscorbutic agent? Who needs it? Better a bottle of ink! And necessarily a fireproof cupboard.

- This cupboard is given to you! Membership fees can be perfectly stored in the hollow of a baobab. Who will steal them there?

- Like who? And Robinson? And the chairman of the local committee? And the released members? And the shop commission?

- Did she escape, too? - The Moldovantsev asked cowardly.

- She was saved

There was a silence.

- Maybe there was a wave of a meeting table too! - The author asked sarcastically.

-Cer-tain-ly ! It is necessary to create conditions for people to work. Well, there is a carafe with water, a bell, a tablecloth. Table cloth let the wave throw whatever. Can be red, can be green. I do not interfere with artistic creation. But, darling, what you need to do first is to show the masses. Wide layers of working people.

- The wave can not throw out the masses , - Moldavantsev said obstinately. - It goes against the plot. Think! A wave suddenly throws a few tens of thousands of people ashore! After all, this is a chicken for a laugh.

- By the way, a small amount of healthy, cheerful, cheerful laughter, - the editor put in, - will never interfere.

- No! A wave of this can not do.

- Why the wave? - suddenly the editor was surprised.

- How else would the mass get to the island? Is not the island uninhabited?!

- Who told you that he was uninhabited? You're confusing me. All clear. There is an island, better even a peninsula. So it's calmer. And there is a series of entertaining, fresh, interesting adventures. There is a professional work, sometimes not enough. The activist reveals a number of problems, well, at least in the field of collecting membership fees. It is assisted by wide layers. And the repentant chairman. In the end, you can give a general meeting. This will be very effective in artistic terms. Well, that's all.

- And Robinson? - The Moldavantsev muttered.

- Yes. It's good that you reminded me. Robinson embarrasses me. Throw it out altogether. An absurd, unjustified figure of a whiner.

- Now everything is clear, - said Moldavantsev in a grave voice, - tomorrow will be ready.

- Well, everything. Do it. By the way, you have a shipwreck at the beginning of the novel. You know, do not shipwreck. Let it be without a shipwreck. So it will be more interesting. Correctly? Well and good. Be healthy!

Left alone, the editor laughed joyfully.

- At last, - he said, - I will have a real adventure and, moreover, quite a work of art.